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Chester Folk Festival

Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May

(even though the bank holiday is moving, we are sticking with our usual weekend, so it will be a shorter festival).

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Full Festival Line Up

False Lights (Sat), Melrose Quartet (Sat/Sun), The Trials of Cato (Sun), Granny's Attic (Fri), Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (Sat),

Reg Meuross (Sat/Sun), Greg Russell (Sun),

Iota (Sun), Wet the Tea (w/e), Sam Carter (Sat),

 Ben Robertson (Sat), Phoebe Rees (Fri), 

Kate McCullough (Sun), Fiddlestone (w/e), Full House (w/e),

The Time Bandits (w/e), John Warburton (w/e), Rose Price (Fri),

Jude Edwin Scott (Sat), Taggart & Wright (Sun), Will Riding (w/e),

Welcomme, Finnan & Chrimes (Sun), Close Quarters (w/e),

Midswégan (w/e), Charlotte Peters Rock (Sat), Skitterwit (Sat)

Port Sunlight Sea Dogs (Sat), Pelican Babies (Sat), Maranella (Sat)

Dance Bands & Callers:

Melrose Ceilidh Quintet (Sat), Albireo (Fri),

The Time Bandits (Sun), Martyn Harvey (Sat/Sun),

Baz Parkes (Fri)


Bradshaw Mummers, Pecsaeton Morris,

Chester City Morris Men

Special Events and Other Entertainment:

 Children’s Entertainment with Panic Circus (Sat & Sun all day)

 The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo (Sat 6 pm)

 A one-woman performance with the inimitable Charlotte Peters Rock telling the heart wrenching tale of the   starving handloom weavers of Greater Manchester slaughtered at a   peaceful march to St Peter’s Field.

 Family Matters! (Sun 6 pm)

 The theme for this year’s customary concert for local musicians is ‘Family Matters’ and we’re looking   forward  to the usual fabulous variety of material performed by our   favourite local artists


Ticket Prices:

Weekend: £84 (£74 before 1st May 2022)

All Day: Sat or Sun £40

Afternoon Only: Sat or Sun £20

Evening Only: Fri £20, Sat or Sun £26

Children 10-18 half price (under 10s Free)

Concessions available for students

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